Some Little Things About Us

  1. I love to get a ‘lill kiss from you, and you’re always willing to kiss me
  2. You would get a kiss from me if you want, whenever it is
  3. You like to hug me so fuckin tight ’till I feel hard to breathe, but I never forbid you to do it all over again because I love the way you hug me
  4. You act like an idiot in front of me and I ain’t judge you as an idiot
  5. You can do a silly thing then with my pleasure I will be your silly partner
  6. It such an indescribable happiness when people are know me as your lover because I also will proudly introducing you to all my friends and family as a part of me
  7. I try hard to be whatever you need me to be. A lover, a bestfriend, a reminder
  8. I’m such a spoiled rotten girl who always try to get your attention all the time while you are a busy guy who don’t always have a free time. (I hate this one)
  9. You are the kind of guy with a high responsibility, I’m so proud of you 😉
  10. You were never failed to touch my heart
  11. You are amused when I touch your armpits but you always put your hands up when I ask to kiss it. Hehehe I love you :p
  12. I love to smell your body fragrance. And you love to do the same way to me, don’t you?
  13. I always took a time to send you a simply message, or reply yours, no matter how busy I am
  14. It’s important for me to knowing your latest condition
  15. I can’t stop freaking out when you’re fading away without leave me a sign
  16. I respect your work, your independence, your privacy
  17. I’m willing to cook for you, even it’s just an instant food. Hahaha (I’ll learn more recipes, and cook your favorite menu)
  18. I’d love to share anything with you, but pardon my fuckin selfishness, for God’s sake I don’t wanna share you with a bitch over there. No, I won’t
  19. I prefer to let you decide where are we gonna go in our date time
  20. I never forget our anniversaries, even though we don’t have any celebration
  21. You know exactly how to make me smile along the day
  22. I let you hug me when we are sleeping, then I’ll give you a kiss when I wake up
  23. I always get angry if someone forced me to wake up from sleep, but was always glad when I woke up because you kissed me or suddenly hugged me
  24. You order a hot coffee and I order the cold one when we are at the coffee shop
  25. We are romantic in our way
  26. Hell yeah I’m in love with your little brother
  27. I love the way your mother treat me everytime I visit your house (hope she will be my mother-in-law someday, hihi. Amin)
  28. You are the object of my love story in this blog, you get a lot of places here
  29. You are so unpredictable
  30. You often whispered “I love you” to me when we are in the crowded place
  31. I love the way you held my hand while you’re riding a motorcycle
  32. You make me happy with your unpredictably way
  33. You’re as sweet as sugar, babe
  34. It’s OK if I have to travels a hundreds miles for a dozen hours just to get myself close to you. You know I always have, and always will looking for the chance for that 🙂
  35. I often complain about anything but never wanna leave. You often feel bothered but just stay
  36. We both know we are awfully happy for being in love together
  37. I love you. I’ll tell you again tomorow, the day after tomorrow, and so on 🙂

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